Tuesday, October 18, 2011

i can do this!

i THINK i shall start to blog again!!!! Lets do this!! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

will you join us?

On Saturday, the 20th of November, we had a guest speaker, Christopher Alam, at our church. It was a healing service, so of course i made sure of it that we would be there.. for Miles. The week leading up to it i was really struggling with the thought: "I know God can heal, but i dont believe that he will..." Sad really. But this is really how i felt, and how i was believing. Well, Saturday night was an awesome service... and Christopher Alam preached on Faith.. haha, of course, right? Well, it was really challenging, and it made me let down my wall that i built up, with my unbelief that God wouldn't heal Miles. Miles got prayed for and we went home. No fireworks happened, no big, "run down the isles i am healed" kinda thing happened. It was just silent... normal. Pastor Christopher told of a story where he prayed for a woman's sick dying son. The woman kept bringing the boy back to him, to get prayer for again, because he was not well yet. Finally, one of Christophers workers said, "He has already been prayed for, why do you keep bringing him back?" She said well, he is not better. And he replied, "Well, what have you done to test if he is well? Give him some food." Well, after that, they stopped seeing the lady come around for prayer for her son. A few years later, Chritopher got a call, saying that this boy was now a man, preaching and leading a church. His mother started to believe the TRUTH of God's Word, and spoke it over her son.

All that to say, this is what we are starting with Miles and the Diabetes and Celiac...

So, i wanted to join you in on the miracle that is taking place.

We are going to be constantly speaking God's truth over Miles's pancreas, that it would begin producing insulin again. Speaking God's scripture over his body.

Are you on board with us?

We dont feel like we can "stop" giving him insulin, at this time, we are going to be slowly lowering the amounts. I think this is more of a lesson, and a miracle in the power of faith, the the Truth already laid out in God's word.

Last night i looked up a bunch of scriptures on healing, and wrote them out on paper plates, and have them on our kitchen cupboards.. i want to be able to see them alllll the time, and declare them over Miles, and his pancreas!

So, we are stepping out in faith for Miles to be healed from Type 1 Diabetes & Celiac Disease.

Do you believe that all scripture is God breathed?

Then, pray and declare his healing with us.

I am going to be updating his success in this blog.

The scriptures that are on the plates are:
Psalm 6:9
Mark 16:17
Isaiah 53:5
Exodus 15:26
Matthew 8:7
James 5:15
Exodus 23:25

"...And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well;
the Lord will raise them up..."
James 5:15

Sunday, November 7, 2010

what is love?

"Daddy, do you love me??" I overheard Miles ask Bryce yesterday while we were getting ready to go out. "Of course!" Bryce exclaimed. I then asked Miles, "What is love Miles?" I wanted to know what a 4yr old thought love was. Was it kisses, hugs, presents, warm fuzzy feelings??? What would his answer be?? Welllll, was i shocked with what answer proceeded next.

"Jesus Christ laid down his life for us." WHOA. This was his answer to what love was. BOY, my definition off the cuff would have not even come close to his perfect answer. I would have probly started babbling off different things people do, marriage, how babies come to be, but probly not the scripture definition of "love." See, Miles is a great memoriser. Sooo, i had seized this valuable asset of his and began teaching him scripture. Well, one of our verses was: "This is how we know what love is, Jesus Christ laid down his life for us." (found in 1 John 3:16) And man, did Miles just nail it on the head. This IS how we know what love is. Simple as that. Thanks Buddy... mommy needed that loving reminder again...

Saturday, November 6, 2010


do you ever feel like you have to work for peace?? i do. ESPECIALLY at bed time.. no no, not MY bed time, THAT comes easily.. but putting my kids to bed, now THAT is a task and a half. ug. and its never peaceful. i am thinking back now, to when those Johnson & Johnson commercials would come on, selling there "night time miracle lavender bath wash and lotion." now, was it me, or did it look like the baby/children magically were in a "lavender trance" as they peacefully went to sleep.. and these actor parents? HA, WHO is still in the room WHILE the child is asleep just petting there face? i know i know, when they are little that happens..... but very few, and far between times.. WE, the parents, look more like tattered up worn out rags than peaceful, "model-esk" <--sooo made that word up, parents! Am i right? or what? So here is the Q.. do we HAVE to work for peace? I mean in an all around sense. Peace in our lives. Peace in our personality profile. Peace in our mind, our spirit. DO we need to work for it. I know the Bible tells us that "peace" is a fruit of the spirit. And, so if i have the Spirit in me, my branches should be sprouting peace! But, what if it isn't? What if that branch has a void? Unfinished buds, that never produce juicy lush "peace fruit?" hmmm... are the fruit of the spirit like a "Pick Your Own Orchard" in our lives? Do we pick n choose what fruit to plant in our orchard of life? Now, i know i gave the "Master Gardener" the keys to the garden a long time ago.. but, i might still have my hand on the seed bags. I mean, i WANT all the fruit, but am i willing to go the distance to truly be transformed? Why would i limit my orchards abundant possibilities, just to hold onto a few thorn bushes, or the "pretty" dandelions disguised as flowers, but are just truly weeds??
A sad fact, but oh so true.
My orchard is growing. It never stops.
The question is, what is it producing?
Peace, or thorns?

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." Galatians 5:22

Thursday, November 4, 2010


i used to love the ocean.

the cool breeze it blew you on a hot summer day.

the sand that messaged your feet when no one else would touch them.
the castles you made with just a shovel and a pale.

the break of the waves.

the irresistible soothing sound that only a wave and a shore can make together as they meet.

BUT now?


i am mad at the ocean.

its a heart breaker.

you cant swim across it.

you fall in love with it, only to let it slip through your fingertips.

it waves hello.

it waves goodbye.

it shows distance.

it lets you know you are far away.

it tells you what side you are on.

it doesn't lie.

you cant be on two sides of its shores at once.

you have to pick a side.

but no matter what side you pick, there is always an empty side.

a side that has a void.

a side that is unreachable.

have any of us really touched the ocean?

the ocean tells us our place.

where we live.

what we eat.

what we think.

its a lot more that a "body of water."

it gives us placement.

it makes us choose.

what side will we be on?

i wish sides didn't matter.

but sides are the only thing that give shape.

what shape am i?

what shape are my children?

i am mad at the ocean.

you separate.

you divide.

you make me think.

but you also produce life.

without you we would just be green.

but you are blue.

green is envy.

blue is life.



maybe i cant be mad at blue.

i don't want to be just stuck with green.

but i am still mad.

you separate.

and divide.
why did you let me build castles in the sand that you would only just wash away?
i am mad at the ocean.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

who knew

Yesterday, the 1st of November, was my 26th birthday. Its was great, filled with gooood food, shopping, presents, and of course my family. Its funny when you have a birthday, and you look at old photos of yourself and you remember that "life stage." WHO would have know where you would be today... other than God, no one! I love looking at myself when i was 4, 10, or 16, remembering what was the "BIG" part of my life, the focus at that time... 4, well it was probably playing kitchen and trying to get as messy as i possibly could... 10, hmmm, i think it was friends, and 16, THATS a no brainer... it was DEFINITELY boys.... lots n lots of boys on the mind... i am now reminded of my "shrine" to Leonardo Dicaprio.. hahaha.... i think i had about 50 cut out photos and posters of this guy PLASTERED to my bedroom walls.. i "loved" and dreamt of marrying this man of mystery... haha, OH how things have straighten out.. THANKFULLY. I still LOVE playing kitchen in our many homes we have lived in, and the sink is always messy, and i still LOVE good friends, and making new ones, and i still LOVE boys! ITS true, cant lie. But now, instead of a name like "Leonardo" its more like, Miles, Levi, Ezra.. and the MAN of my dreams, BRYCE. Watching my kids grow, and to see the things they love at this stage of there lives, it makes me wonder what there loves will be years from now... its a puzzle... a mystery, little clues, a little glimpse into the lives of the children i love, and the young men they will be become.

Friday, October 29, 2010


WELL, i have been more than neglectful with my blog... yikes... BUT, to be fair we have had a whole, life turned upside down, last few kind of months! Moving half way around the world, starting a new job, starting rent and all those good things again, AND having our 3rd beautiful baby boy... 5wks early! AH! So, that has been my MIA excuse.... haha, for sure. With all the *new beginnings and new life, we are truly excited, and feel soooo blessed! We LOVE the church we are working with, doing Young Adults ministry, we LOVE this area, Lancaster, PA, and LOVE being near our family once again, we also LOVE our new little son, Ezra. Soooo, WHAT a blessed life we have! YES, i wont lie, it has, and can be very stressful at times... but once i have my "oh yeahhh" moment, and give all my worries and cares to Jesus, i remember, in a much clearer mind set, that God is STILL, and has been, in control. My life is not "me" centered, its all about bringing glory to His name, and to His fame. MAN, what a constant mind redirect we need to conduct to have this be the daily goal...